Foot analysis

BootDoc foot analysis system


When choosing the right shoe insert in our sports shop, we use the revolutionary analysis system developed by our partner BootDoc.

The foot analysis system by Boot Doc will completely delight you. It uses innovative technology that makes it possible to detect a possible malalignment without the use of x-rays.

A variety of shoe models differ based solely on size and shape of the last, but this alone can't completely match the individuality of the human foot.

The perfect ski boot - with the BootDoc analysis system

Analysis & Selection

Customers come face to face with their shoes for the first time in our sports shop. With the unique BootDoc analysis system, we collect and analyze the current condition of the foot.

The resulting data will determine the proper selection of shoes and inserts.


The last and most important step is the adjustment. Both the insert and inner shoe are adapted to the anatomy of the foot and the lower leg, and to the type of sport and expected intensity!

The most individualized fitting of the inner shoe is done by means of a foaming process. That's why BootDoc has developed a revolutionarily simple and quick inner shoe and tongue foaming system.

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